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NESTLÉ has done extensive research in toddlerhood nutrition. NESTLÉ NIDO® 3+ is a mothers greatest ally in supporting children as they journey through the most critical stages of toddlerhood. It is a powdered drink for growing children with ADVANCED PROTECTUS®, supplemented with Lactobacillus Protectus® (L.rhamnosus) to support children’s respiratory defenses. NESTLÉ NIDO® 3+ is a source of immuno-nutrients which help contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system and contains Omega-3 fatty acids with added DHA which contribute to normal brain function and learning.

For the growing advantage.

Nestlé NIDO Nutrition System is a range of growing up milks, formulated to meet specific nutritional needs of your growing child.

The entire range is enhanced with branded active ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals. When your child grows, so does our milk.

NIDO 3+ Pre-school milk from 3 years onwards

Two glasses of NIDO 3+ during the day are ideal for your growing preschooler. When your child reached three she begins to learn and interact at preschool. NIDO 3+ with Prebio³ contains calcium and iodine for growth and development, to help young minds perform at their peak.

How to prepare 3+

Just add 3 tablespoons (45ml/ 36g) of NIDO 3+ to 1 glass (225 ml) of warm or cold previously boiled water.