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Frothy over the new CREMORA frothy

Coffee is changing and the coffee culture is thriving. It’s the perfect time to reinvent.

CREMORA continues to be relied on by committed consumers who won’t drink their coffee without it. However, the coffee industry is changing, and the coffee culture is containing to grow and develop. A perfect time for CREMORA to reinvent.

The new CREMORA Frothy has provided the brand with the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the category by aligning with growing trends within the coffee segment. It represents a very exciting time for the brand.

As Nithal Soni-Ramjee, Category Marketing Manager for CREMORA, says,” The world of coffee is changing and, as coffees perfect partner, it only makes sense for CREMORA to be a part of that change. Frothy is an exciting new innovation for the creamers category and will help to ensure that CREMORA stays at the top.”

The creamers category is growing at an annual rate of 8%, so with the launch of CREMORA Froth, the brand will position itself in the premium space, where coffee is showing the highest growth. “I am honoured to have been on the journey of the launch of something so phenomenal for South Africa’s beloved creamer brand, CREMORA,” says Noxy Figlan, Brand Manager of CREMORA. “This will surely be of interest to coffee lovers and will ensure the growth of the brand for a long while to come.”