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MAGGI Sauces

Bring the sauce with our range of chili sauces

MAGGI Original Chilli Sauce

This delicious, hot and spicy sauce is best served as a condiment on the table with all your favourite dishes or to spice up your cooking. Add it to tomato and onion gravy, stews, salads or use as a dip with crispy chicken wings.

MAGGI Sweet Chilli Sauce

Ideal for accompanying Oriental and Thai-style cooking or when cooking your favourite dishes. Delicious as a dip with spring rolls, chicken or fish pieces, potato wedges, in salads, sandwiches or as a condiment.

MAGGI Chilli Garlic Sauces

Use as a condiment or add to casseroles, sauces or marinades. Just a dash adds zing to dips, paté and salad dressing. Delicious when served with potato or sweet potato wedges.