The Nestlé for Healthier Kids Global Program


Background on the Global Program

Nestlé for healthier Kids Global Program (previously branded Nestlé Healthy Kids Program) was launched in April 2009, with the objective to raise nutrition, health and wellness awareness and promote physical activity among school-age children around the world. 2014, the program was in 73 countries worldwide reaching 7.6 million children.

Healthy Kids builds on an existing base of nutrition education and/or physical activity program developed by Nestlé in the last 10 -15 years in several countries. New pilot programs started in 2012 in many countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and Zimbabwe.

Nestlé for Healthier Kids programs are based on multi-partnership approaches. They are designed and implemented in collaboration with national health authorities, child nutrition experts or educational authorities. The programs must fulfil specific criteria and vary as each country's circumstances are taken into account 

Nestlé for Healthier Kids Criteria:

  • Based on assessment of community needs and gap analysis;
  • Focus on nutrition education and physical activity for school-age children;
  • Long-term partnership with credible expert organisations;
  • No product or brand involvement;
  • Clear and transparent process to define program objectives, plan, content and monitoring;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation by a credible third party;