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AGRI-BEE Maluti Window Initiative

          Agri-bee Maluti window initiative


Nestlé South Africa has partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture, Independent Development Trust (a government agency specialising in sustainable rural development) and other organisations in a Black Economic Empowerment agricultural programme that provides institutional support and funding to more than 40 farmers in Harrismith, Free State Province. Nestlé is the biggest milk buyer in that area.

Programme description

In a move that has been commended by the South African government as a true example of a public-private partnership, Nestlé procures milk from these farmers and helps them with funding, procurement, milk tanks, dairy infrastructure and the necessary certification to enable the farmers to compete in the market.

Value to Society

The objective of the programme is to contribute to the development of a sustainable dairy industry by facilitating the transformation of farmers in ermerging countries to be commercially viable. Nestlé and its partners will facilitate the availability of electricity, water and roads.

Water provision to the farmers has been prioritised and the water reticulation programme was completed by June 2007.

Nestlé milestones in South Africa

  • Nestlé market provision-raw milk collection since 2002
  • Provision and maintenance of bulk tanks
  • Financing of milking machines
  • Training on dairy courses
  • Financing herd improvement composition, quality and quantity of milk
  • Emerging commercial farmers’ mentorship
  • Milk procurement, bulk tanks, haulage, herd improvement, technical support
  • Water provision to farmers

AGRI-BEE:Helping South African dairy farmers to become more commercially viable.