NESCAFÉ 24-hour Facebook Live broadcast to mark International Coffee Day reaches 15 million in more than 60 countries

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  • NESCAFÉ marked International Coffee Day 2016 with 24-hour global live stream across 3 social platforms - Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, throughout 1st October
  • User-generated content came in from more than 60 countries, featuring thousands of fans enjoying – and passing on – their morning mug of NESCAFÉ
  • First brand to broadcast live on Periscope Producer’s new Beta platform
  • Continued commitment by NESCAFÉ to build relevance among young people has resulted in a 2 per cent growth in brand value this year

VEVEY, SWITZERLAND, 20th October, 2016 – A live broadcast by NESCAFÉ to celebrate International Coffee Day has taken social media by storm, reaching 15 million people in more than 60 countries, according to figures just released.

The campaign, called ‘Good Morning World’, invited fans from around the world to submit videos of themselves enjoying their morning coffee. Broadcast live on 1st October, the global initiative united coffee lovers from around the planet in a giant ‘mug chain’, making NESCAFÉ the first global brand to host a 24-hour live stream simultaneously across multiple fan pages.

With the aim to connect the world over coffee, the live broadcast reached the newsfeeds of 15 million people, with more than 3 million tuning in to watch the mug chain broadcast, delivering engagement rates of 20% - 400 times the industry average. 1

More than 60 countries from around the world were involved in Good Morning World, with 25 creating independent, market-specific content to play in respective slots once the broadcast went live.

User-generated contributions came from far and wide, including countries such as the Philippines and Korea, where market celebrities, famous YouTubers, Instagramers, bloggers and vloggers and shared their selfie-style coffee clips. In Jamaica, a programme of live dance and performance was even broadcast from Kingston.

The 24-hour mug-chain featured on 58 NESCAFÉ Facebook pages at the same time. The live stream also ran concurrently across YouTube, Twitter and Periscope for the entire duration of International Coffee Day. NESCAFÉ was also the first brand to produce a live-stream on Periscope Producer’s newly launched Beta feature – a live stream mixed from multiple sources, similar to a TV programme, in contrast to content traditionally streamed on Periscope from a single mobile device.

Michael Chrisment, Head of Global Integrated Marketing at NESCAFÉ said: “NESCAFÉ always looks for new ways to connect coffee-lovers around the globe. As a company, we’re delighted Good Morning World struck such a chord with so many people around the world. The broadcast was an incredible demonstration of our shared passion for coffee and evidence that creativity favours connected minds.”

Continued commitment by NESCAFÉ to build brand relevance among young people has resulted in the world’s favourite coffee company increasing its brand value by two per cent in the Interbrand 2016 global brand ranking report. Now worth over $12.5 million, NESCAFÉ is ranked as the 36th most valuable brand in the world.

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NESCAFÉ, the world’s favourite coffee, was invented in 1938 as a creative solution to Brazil's surplus coffee beans resulting from the Wall Street Crash. It was the start of a lasting relationship with Brazil’s coffee farmers and a pioneering future with coffee. Today NESCAFÉ is sold in more than 180 countries, has over 5,000 different products and 5,500 cups are consumed every second.

Throughout history, NESCAFÉ has been known as a pioneer. From joining the first expedition to the top of Mount Everest, or being the first coffee on the moon, to most recently being the drink of choice on-board the world's first solar powered global flight. NESCAFÉ has been part of great connections that have started with a coffee.

In 2014, NESCAFÉ launched a unified global visual identity across all products in the 180 countries where the coffee is sold. For the first time in the brand’s 75-year history, each NESCAFÉ product also shared the same brand line: “It all starts with a NESCAFÉ”

NESCAFÉ leads in protecting the future supply of coffee, which is threatened due to climate change, crop disease, poor farming techniques and mass migration from farming regions to cities. NESCAFÉ works with 1 million farmers, training them in growing viable, healthy crops and sustainable farming techniques. The NESCAFÉ Plan is a US$350 million commitment to sustainable coffee production. It aims to ensure coffee farming is a viable business for future generations of coffee farmers and that coffee lovers can continue to enjoy a great tasting cup of NESCAFÉ.

1 A recent report by Nanigans suggests that on average, only 0.5% of people in the UK who are shown a Facebook ad will click through. Source: Facebook Ad Benchmarks in Western Europe: CPM, CPC and CTR, by Country, February- July 2016. Nanigans, ‘European Facebook Advertising Benchmark Report,’ Sept 28, 2016