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Nestlé South Africa signs MOU with Philani MaSwati

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Nestlé South Africa hosted a Dinner event at The Royal Villas in Swaziland on 11 March 2011, to seal relations with key stakeholders in Swaziland including government and Philani MaSwati Charity Organisation.

The Dinner provided an opportunity for Nestlé South Africa and its stakeholders to discuss issues of mutual interest and collaborative projects intended to benefit local communities.

This initiative is part of a regional drive by Nestlé South Africa to establish sustainable developmental projects in the four regional countries it services, namely, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.

The primary objectives of this partnership are to help alleviate poverty, especially in rural and indigent communities; initiate sustainable development programmes that will impart skills for further development; and to build better relations between Nestlé South Africa and the Kingdom of Swaziland.

Projects that have been earmarked include the establishment of food gardens (buying seeds, implements, water reticulation, irrigation, rain water harvesting), refurbishment and equipping kitchens in rural areas and agricultural development projects.

The event concluded with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Nestlé South Africa and Philani MaSwati, whose patron is Her Majesty, the Queen Mother.

The event was graced by the presence of Her Majesty the Queen Mother and members of the Royal family. Other dignitaries who attended included cabinet ministers, government officials, local business, local leaders and officials from Philani MaSwati Charity Organisation.


For more information contact:

Ravi Pillay
Spokesperson: Nestlé South Africa
+27 11 514 6799 or +27 82 908 2580 or [email protected]