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Nestlé for Healthier Kids South Africa

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Press Release

Pursuing healthier kids: Nestlé for Healthier Kids partners with parents to improve childhood nutrition

Flagship programme supports parents and caregivers to help make better food choices for their children.

Child obesity continues to rise in South Africa, with at least 13% of children, under the age of five, overweight in the country. At the other end of the spectrum, one in four children is undernourished and has stunted growth. The causes of these issues are complex, but what we feed our children is one of the most significant. The reality is that most South Africans consume a monotonous diet with very little variety, especially when it comes to the consumption of fruit and vegetables. This contributes to obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure problems.

Nutrition is key to ensure a child’s healthy development. Encouraging kids to eat more veggies and fruits, ensuring their meals are as nutritious as possible and incorporating diversified protein sources – including plant-based options – is very important, but can sometimes prove challenging for parents and caregivers.

To help address this, Nestlé for Healthier Kids is partnering with parents to help them ‘Add a Little More Goodness’ to their children’s meals and snacks, by offering them the tools they need to make small adjustments to the meals they consume, through good nutritional choices.

Nestlé for Healthier Kids’ global ambition is to reach 50 million children by 2030 with initiatives to help them live healthier lives. 

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