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Skimmelkrans Net Zero Carbon Emissions Project

This initiative is an ambition to create the company’s first dairy farm to reach net zero carbon emissions, located in George, South Africa. Nestlé has committed that by 2023, the farm will be carbon net zero.

This project forms part of the company’s broader sustainability platform called RE, where the company has committed to RETHINK, REDUCE AND REPURPOSE on its journey towards a more sustainable future. All three pillars come into play on the Skimmelkrans farm.

Skimmelkrans operates in a biodiverse ecosystem: from releasing manure back into the soil, to growing their own animal feed without having to buy large quantities from external feed suppliers, as well as conserving water

“Net-zero is achieved when emissions created by the farm are displaced by removing the same amount of emissions from the atmosphere. While there are many ways to create more sustainable operations for dairy farms, Skimmelkrans sets itself apart through the soil work, water conservation, feed management and manure processing, where some of the biggest reductions of greenhouse gases occur,” stated Hoven Meyer, Agricultural Services Group Manager at Nestlé East and Southern Africa Region (ESAR). Click here to read more.