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For over 100 years, Nestlé South Africa has delivered on its ‘Good Food, Good Life ‘promise to its consumers, ensuring that they are always able to access our established, well-loved brands as well as new and innovative products that respond to their evolving needs.

We exist to DELIGHT our CONSUMERS who have enabled the growth of our business and company by remaining LOYAL TO OUR BRANDS over the last century. By building a solid reputation for quality, nutritious food and beverages, Nestlé engendered trust in their brands and company as a leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company in South Africa.

For a company to be sustainable in the long term and create value for shareholders, it must create value for society where it operates. Our commitment is enshrined in our purpose of “enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier life,” of individuals and families, communities where we operate and environmental sustainability. One of our key developmental programmes is the Adopt A School Initiative, which seeks to use education as the key driver for youth development in rural and peri-urban communities. The programme also focuses on developing scarce technical skills for historically disadvantaged youth across our country.

We also have the Nestlé Graduate Programme, which is a 24 month development program that provides exceptional introduction for young graduates to the FMCG Industry. The programme presents opportunities for graduates to learn new skills using the latest technologies in any of our factories and operations within South Africa. It also presents an opportunity to work with people with tremendous experience. Throughout the 24 months of the programme, graduates are also supported through a Mentor, Graduate Programme Coordinator and a Human Resources Business Partner, throughout their Nestlé journey.

We are committed to demonstrating responsible behaviour by having the highest regard for people, gender, racial and cultural diversity, upholding and complying with regulatory standards, Nestlé Business Principles, national laws and International norms, and ensuring that our actions are environmentally sound, socially just and economically viable.

Our company employs a total of 335 000 employees globally and we market our product in over 150 countries across the world. Nestlé South Africa has 5 factories and 2 Distribution centres across the South Africa and has around 3400 employees.

We are a manufacturer and exporter of RICOFFY (instant coffee), MILO and CHEERIOS (breakfast cereals), CREMORA (non-dairy coffee creamer) and MAGGIE noodles. In the past five years, Nestlé has invested in four factory plants. The investment included the building of two new factories in the Babelegi area in Hammanskraal Gauteng, and the expansion of an existing Nestlé instant coffee factory in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. These investments have in total, created over 300 direct and indirect employment.

As an employer…
We are a company with a high performance culture, which embraces and upholds the principle of creating shared value, which values the strength of diversity. The company emphasizes innovation and growth in its daily operations and strives to always create an enabling environment for its employees to self-actualize, develop and realise their career and personal aspirations. It is a company that has at its core foundation, enhancing quality of life of all the people it touches.


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Nestlé products first arrived in South Africa in the 1870s with the company officially registering in 1916. Some of the popular brands included Nestlé Condensed Milk, RICOFFY (then known as Ricory), NIDO and SMARTIES

first 50 years


From acquiring its first factory in 1927, Nestlé continued to diversify until 1947 when they merged with a Swiss based company and MAGGI was born.

Jump to 1975 where Nestlé moved their head office from Johannesburg CBD to Randburg.

25 years later, in its 100th year in the country, Nestlé has a strong presence in South Africa with eight factories, three distribution centres and a head office in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

More details on our 100 year journey can be found here

second 50 years