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In the legal team at Nestlé, you'll be a core partner for the business.

From the original idea to the product on the consumer's table, the legal department has a place in every critical area of our business, helping Nestlé to achieve its purpose.

We support the company in the same way that it unlocks the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone.

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We look for

Highly motivated and engaged employees who want to work in a multi-cultural environment, help enable Nestlé's strategy and protect its people, business and reputation.

You will be part of a global function and a resilient, high-performing team that puts the planet, communities and consumer at the heart of what we do.

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Working at Nestlé is an exhilarating blend of challenges, growth and a unique contribution to the advancement of humanity. Every day brings diverse commercial work, complex negotiations, and global perspectives. It's a dynamic environment that demands sharp analytical skills, collaboration, and adaptability. From navigating local and international regulations to protecting the company's interests, it's a rewarding journey that pushes boundaries and fosters professional development working in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams.