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Our chocolate & confectionery brands

CTA Button Item
The world's favourite break and perfect balance of chocolate and wafer, there's a reason KITKAT is enjoyed in more than 80 countries worldwide. The iconic brand is an international symbol for hitting the pause button - to enjoy a well-deserved break. From classic fingers to chunky, original to peanut butter, there is a KITKAT for just for you.

 A local favourite! BAR ONE is a rich, filling bar packed with fuel from smooth caramel, malt-infused nougat and real, thick milk chocolate.  As the nation’s wingman, BAR.ONE exists to encourage and energise us to never give up pursuing our best selves!

A balance of crispy delicious wafer covered in creamy chocolate, TEX gives you a unique combination of wafer and aerated chocolate. The aerated centre makes it light and crispy so enjoy the big taste!
The milkiest, creamiest bar by far and a firm favourite – enjoyed by both kids and adults alike! You can also enjoy MILKY BAR with SMARTIES, KRACKLE and Milk chocolate - available with the added goodness of full cream milk.
Our famously bubbly chocolate is ideal for ‘me' time, when it's time for a treat at work or in the evening. Break a piece off, feel it melt on your tongue as every single bubble is released, and revel in the bubbly pleasure of Aero®. This much-loved chocolate is famous worldwide for its unique, bubbly texture, and has been for decades.
Passions 300g
NESTLÉ PASSIONS Chocolates contains all of Nestlé's greatest hits in one bag! Enjoy your favourite Nestlé chocolates in miniature, bite-size pieces wherever you are.
QUALITY STREET makes everyone happy, every time. Enjoy a delicious mixed bag of 12 varieties of toffees and chocolate assortments, so that everyone gets their favourite.
WOTALOTIGOT! A long-time favourite in South Africa, SMARTIES are full of milky chocolate, fun and colour – the perfect treat to share with your friends and family. Bring some SMARTIES® fun into your life!
Discover the power of the last ROLO with the soft creamy toffee in milk chocolate confection! Who would you share your last ROLO with? Think of that soft creamy toffee in a milk chocolate confection…mmmm, maybe that last ROLO belongs to you!
The cool, fresh minty taste of PEPPERMINT CRISP will take your breath away. Each creamy Nestlé milk chocolate confection is wrapped around a crunchy peppermint filling.

  • KITKAT 2 Finger Milk 20g
    KITKAT 2 Finger Milk 36x20g
  • KITKAT Chunky Gold 40g
    Nestle KitKat chunky caramel gold
  • KITKAT Chunky Milk 40g
    KITKAT Chunky Milk 40g
  • KITKAT Chunky White 40g
    KITKAT Chunky White 40g
  • KITKAT 4 Finger Milk 41.5g
    	61613 KitKat 4F Milk Import Pack.png
  • KITKAT 4 Finger White 41.5g
    KitKat 4F White Import Pack
  • KITKAT 4 Finger Dark 41.5g
    Kit Kat Dark
  • KITKAT 4 Finger Gold 41.5g
    Nestle KitKat 8f caramel gold
  • KITKAT Chunky Peanut Butter 42g
    KITKAT Chunky Peanut Butter 42g
  • KITKAT 8 Finger Milk 85g
    Nestle KitKat 8F MILK
  • KITKAT 8 Finger White 85g
    Nestle KitKat 8F White
  • KITKAT 8 Finger Gold 85g
    KITKAT 8 Finger Gold 85g
  • KITKAT 11 Finger Milk 135g
    Nestle KitKat 11F MILK
  • KITKAT 11 Finger White 135g
    Nestle KitKat 11F White
  • KITKAT 11 Finger Dark 135g
    Nestle KitKat 11F Dark
  • KITKAT Minibag 180g
    Nestle KitKat Minis Bag

  • MilkyBar Original 40g
    	60320_Milky Bar_40g Original 3D.png
  • MilkyBar Original
  • MilkyBar Smarties
  • MilkyBar Krackle 80g
  • MilkyBar Slab Coconut 80g
    Nestle 80g Slab Coconut
  • MilkyBar Caramel Gold 85g
    milkybar caramel gold
  • MilkyBar Original 150g
    MilkyBar Original 150g
  • MilkyBar Krackle 150g
    MilkyBar Krackle 150g
  • MilkyBar Minis Bag 160g
    MilkyBar Minis 160g Bag

  • Aero Milk 40g
  • Aero Duet 40g
  • Aero Dark 40g
  • Aero Mint 40g
  • Aero Milk 85g
    Aero_85g_1 Milk
  • Aero Duet 85g
    Aero_85g_1 Duet
  • Aero Dark 85g
    Aero_85g_1 Dark
  • Aero Mint 85g
    Aero_85g_1 Mint
  • Aero Milk 135g
    Aero Milk 135g
  • Aero Duet 135g
    Aero Duet 135g
  • Aero Mint 135g
    Aero Mint 135g
  • Aero Baking 175g
    Aero Baking 175g

  • BARONE Countlines 21g
    Bar One 21g
  • BARONE Countlines 52g
    BARONE Countlines 52g
  • BARONE Countlines 84g (2x42g)
    BARONE Countlines 84g (2x42g)
  • BARONE Mini bag 32x189g
    BarOne_Mini 189g

  • TEX 18g
    TEX 18g
  • TEX 40g
    TEX 40g
  • TEX 58g
    TEX 58g
  • TEX MiniBag 130g
  • TEX MiniBag 182g
  • TEX MiniBag 200g

  • Smarties Dragees 17g
    Smarties Dragees 17g
  • Smarties Dragees 40g
    Smarties Dragees 40g
  • Smarties Dragees 70g
    Smarties Dragees 70g
  • Smarties Slab Paper 80g
    Smarties_80gSlab Paper
  • Smarties Mini egg 85g
    Smarties Mini egg 85g
  • Smarties Minibag 135g
    Smarties Minibag 135g
  • Smarties Dragees 400g
    Smarties 400g

  • Rolo Countlines 50g
    Rolo Countlines 50g
  • Rolo Wrapper 150g
    Rolo_150g Wrapper

  • Quality Street Gift Box 232g Carton
  • Quality Street Sharing Bag 435g
    Quality Street

  • Passions Assorted Bag 130g
    Passions Assorted Bag 130g
  • Passions Assorted Bag 300g
    Passions 300g

  • PEPPERMINT CRISP Countlines 49g
    PEPPERMINT CRISP Countlines 49g