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Youth Employment Opportunities

We know you are the work force of the future

According to the International Labour Organisation, two out of five young people, worldwide, are unemployed or have a job that keeps them in poverty. In 2013, we made a commitment to turn the tide. We made a commitment to help ten million young people worldwide access economic opportunities by 2030.

That’s no small feat.

But not only are we equal to the task, at Nestlé, we have a variety of youth programs that best your needs and skillset. Whether you’re a fresh graduate, an aspiring culinary talent or differently-abled and looking for a company that recognizes your talent, we have a youth program for everyone.


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Nestlé Graduate Program

The Nestlé Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a highly sought after program that receives over 6000 applications per year. If your application is successful, you’ll be taken through a 24-month rotational development program that provides an introduction to the working world of Nestlé, as well as a strong foundation for further development.

We’re constantly searching for the best graduates to grow and help us maintain our status as the world’s largest food and beverage brand. As such, regardless of which stream you’re applying for, we’re looking for graduates with an academic average of over 65%. Additionally, you need to have had some leadership role at university or within your community. Finally, because you’ll be rotating through different departments throughout your 24 months with us, you need to be agile, open-minded and willing to solve problems and collaborate cross-functionally.


Nestlé Apprenticeship Program

The world is no stranger to the surging unemployment rate globally and the rate is higher among the youth. 1 in 6 Youth have stopped working since the onset of COVID 19. In India specifically, Unemployment rate @ Urban Area is still at 11.2% (CMIE). These developments are particularly detrimental to youth as their employment prospects, relative to older and experienced workers, are more sensitive to economic downturns. Since the outbreak of Covid, the total NEET % for India has been rising beyond 30%. In order to protect youth of our country and to ensure that they do not lose opportunities to develop themselves, Nestlé India launched a virtual internship programme, “Nesternship” with an intent to equip 100 students with the skills they need to thrive at workplaces and build their professional competence.


The Nestlé Internship Development Program is a 12 month program that focuses on providing unemployed youth on-the-job training. Unlike our graduate program, rotations aren’t a given here and you’ll most likely spend your year with us gathering the expertise you need to forge a successful career in your chosen field.

To qualify, you must have completed a three to four-year diploma or degree and must be unemployed and computer-literate. But, over and above that, we’re looking for applicants with fresh ideas that inject innovation and fresh-thinking to their respective departments.



YOCUTA stands for Young Culinary Talents, a Nestlé training program with a focus on the culinary industry. Its aim is to develop young chefs, by providing students with all the necessary tools to pursue a successful career in the culinary industry. Through YOCUTA, aspiring young chefs acquire a wide range of theoretical and practical skills needed to succeed in their careers. The participants gain practical cooking experience under the supervision of top chefs. Many also get first-hand experience in a restaurant’s kitchen.

The training extends beyond the kitchen: participants attend résumé-writing workshops and job interview simulations, honing the other skills they will require to help them land their dream jobs.

Differently Abled Learnerships

Everybody is entitled to decent work. This means equal opportunities, a living wage, prospects for development, and the freedom to express concerns, organize and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. As a major employer worldwide, we have an important role to play in providing a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect. We are also committed to offering opportunities to those who face barriers to entry.

As mentioned, youth unemployment is a priority issue for Nestlé. As a major employer globally, we are in a position to provide training and skills development to help equip young differently-abled people for the workplace of the future.


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