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PEPTAMEN® INTENSE VHP is a high protein, energy-dense enteral formula designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of critically ill patients in the ICU with higher protein requirements. With a unique blend of hydrolyzed whey protein and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), PEPTAMEN® INTENSE VHP provides a concentrated source of easily digestible and absorbable protein and energy to support recovery and promote wound healing. Additionally, it is formulated with immune-modulating nutrients, such as arginine, omega-3 fatty acids, and nucleotides, to help support immune function and reduce the risk of infection. The formula is also designed to be easy to administer, with a ready-to-hang format and compatibility with feeding tubes or oral use.


  • For the dietary management go patients with impaired gastroinstestinal function.
  • Food for Special Medical Purposes.
  • Suitable for lactose intolerance, gluten-free and low- residue diets.




  • Enzymatically hydrolysed protein to provide easier-to-absorb peptides 
  • 100% whey peptides to support anabolism and protection against oxidative stress
  • High proportion of MCT to facilitate fat absorption and spare nitrogen for anabolism  


Dosage recommendations: Recommended daily dosage: 1000-2000 ml for complete nutrition depending on requirement or as recommended by Healthcare Professional


Water, enzymatically hydrolysed whey protein (from milk), maltodextrin, and less than 2% of medium chain triglycerides, corn starch, refined fish oil (anchovy, sardine), fructooligosaccharide (soluble fibre), high linoleic safflower oil, soy lecithin, magnesium chloride, inulin (soluble fibre from chicory), soybean oil, guar gum, sodium ascorbate, phosphoric acid, calcium chloride, choline chloride, calcium phosphate, taurine, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, l-carnitine, zinc sulphate, niacinamide, ferrous sulphate, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulphate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, copper sulphate, thiamine mononitrate, beta-carotene, riboflavin, vitamin a palmitate, folic acid, biotin, sodium selenite, chromium chloride, potassium iodide, citric acid, sodium molybdate, vitamin K1, vitamin D3, vitamin B12. Contains: Milk and soy ingredients

Peptamen Intense VHP
Nurtitional Composition   per 100ml per 1000ml
Energy kcal 421/100 4210/1000
Protein g 9.2 92
Carbohydrate g 7.6 76
Fat oh which:  g 3.8 38
- MCT g 1.8 18
- Omega 3 mg 200 2000
Dietary Fibre mg 0.4 4
Total Sodium mg 68 680
Vitamins   per 100ml per 1000ml
 -Retinal μg 4,6 46
 - Carotene μg 308 3080
 B1 Thiamin  μg 0.2 2
 B2 Riboflavine mg 0.2 2.4
B6 mg 0.4 4
B12 mg 0.8 8
Vitamin C mg 32.0 320
Vitamin D μg 1.3 13
Vitamin E mg TE 6.8 68
Vitamin K mg 8.0 80
Biotin μg 28 280
Folic acid μg 54 540
Naicin mg 2.4 24
Pantothenic Acid mg 1.4 14
Minerals   per 100ml per 1000ml
Calcium mg 68 680
Chloride mg 112.0 1120
Chromium μg 10 100
Copper mg 0.2 2
Phosphorus mg 68.0 680
Potassium mg 136 1360
Lodine μg 12 120
Iron mg 1.2 12
Magnesium gm 28.0 280
Manganese μg 280 2800
Selenium μg 14 140
Zinc mg 2.4 24
Other    per 100ml per 1000ml
Choline mg 48 480
Carnitine mg 8 80
Taurine mg 10 100
Osmality: 345 mosm/kg                                              Osmality: 289 mosm/L