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MAGGI Lazenby
Add MAGGI LAZENBY to your favourite dish, to enriche the flavour. Our traditional recipe, includes rich molasses, coriander, nutmeg, ginger and cloves. It transforms any dish into something special. Whatever meal you are preparing, add MAGGI LAZENBY to dash in the flavour.
Whether you and your family enjoy them after school, at work or at home, MAGGI 2-MINUTE NOODLES are delicious and easy to make. This convenient meal is now available in seven exciting flavours: Chicken, Beef, Durban Curry, Cheese, Crispy Chicken, Boerewors and Steak & Chops. MAGGI 2-MINUTE NOODLES are an excellent meal by themselves, but can also be enjoyed with your favourite stir fry, eggs or any other topping of choice.
The Maggi Sauce
The Maggi Sauce range will be your choice of flavour and taste for your favourite dishes! These delicious sauces are best served as condiments on the table with all your favourite dishes or to spice up your cooking. Add it to tomato and onion gravy, stews, salads or use as a dip with crispy chicken wings.

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