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WHO Code Statements

Nestlé seeks to promote safe and adequate nutrition for infants by encouraging and supporting breast-feeding as the best start in life and by manufacturing high quality breast-milk substitutes for use when a safe alternative to breast-milk is needed, i. e. when mother’s milk is not available to the infant or when a specially adapted formula is needed. Nestlé has publicly stated its support for the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and subsequent relevant WHA resolutions, which aims 1) to protect and promote breast-feeding, and 2) to ensure the proper use of breast-milk substitutes when these are needed. The Code recognises the importance of breast-feeding while acknowledging that there is a legitimate market for breast-milk substitutes when breast-feeding is not possible.

Nestlé acknowledges that, independently of any other measures taken by governments to implement the Code, Nestlé is responsible for monitoring our marketing practices according to the principles and aim of the Code, and for taking steps to ensure that our conduct at every level conforms to the Nestlé Policy and Instructions in this regard.