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Nestlé in Angola

Nestlé in Angola

Nestlé Angola is one of the operating companies under Nestlé Equatorial African Region (EAR) Limited.
Nestlé Angola was first established in 1955 through Noberto Sousa Neves Commercial Agent, but was later rebranded to Nestlé Produtos Alimentares SARL until 2006 when the name changed to the current Nestlé Angola Limited.

Nestlé Angola Limited joined Nestlé Equatorial African Region after four years under Southern East African Region (SEAR).

In 2010, Nestlé Angola’s new offices were inaugurated and a year later the Tofa Factory was in operation.

For more information, please contact us on:
Nestlé Angola LDA 
Tensai Business Centre
Zona CS8, Gleba GV22
Talatona, Luanda Sul
CP 1138 Luanda, Angola

Tel: +244 934 764604/605 
Email: [email protected]