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Transformation at ESAR

In 2007 Nestlé’s South Africa committed itself to an accelerated programme of transformation and this included Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE). The company viewed this process as integral to our business imperative to drive our ambition of being a leading competitive Nutrition, Health & Wellness Company, which is recognised as a Preferred Corporate Citizen, ac Preferred Employer, and Preferred Supplier of Preferred Products.

Nestlé South Africa’s BEE objective is to ensure business sustainability and competitiveness that will result in enhanced corporate image, credibility and trust with internal and external stakeholders. Our BEE Vision was therefore a structured programme of action to transform our company so that it reflects the demographics of the country in all spheres of operations.

It is a blueprint that outlines Nestlé’s commitments and action plans in relation to our BBBEE transformation journey. For us, this journey is about much more than compliance; it is a genuine commitment to the transformation of Nestlé South Africa and making a contribution to the transformation of the South African economy broadly.

As a company we have recommitted ourselves to implementing the New Codes of Good Practice promulgated in May 2015. We will continue to support this uniquely South African system of social accounting and its intent to remedy imbalances of the past and ensure equal opportunities for all South Africans. Our efforts will include attracting the right profile of employees as prescribed by government’s Economically Active Population (EAP) or demographic representation, robust staff retention and succession planning strategies, continued skills development of all employees, changing the face of our suppliers and creating opportunities for small black owned and black female owned businesses, while also working in the development space through socio-economic development interventions aimed at enhancing quality of life.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Certificate (pdf, 84.1KB)