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Bar-One Cereal

Cereals BarOne

Bar-One cereal is more than just  cereal, it's cereal 2.0.

Nestlé Cocoa is a good source of fibre, which helps with the regular functioning of the digestive system.

It's the traditional cereal that you know, love and appreciate taken to the Next Level. It's the taste of awesomeness and your any-time-of-the-day snack and fits perfectly well into your lifestyle.

Bar-One cereal is here and there are a few things you ought to know about it.

  • It's made with whole grain for energy
  • It's a source of 7 vitamins and minerals
  • And it's manufactured right here in South Africa


A local favourite! BAR ONE is a rich, filling bar packed with fuel from smooth caramel, malt-infused nougat and real, thick milk chocolate.  As the nation’s wingman, BAR.ONE exists to encourage and energise us to never give up pursuing our best selves! 

Last but not least, wait for the radical and explosive taste of the crunchy chocolate & caramel flavoured pieces.

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