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Breakfast Cereal Bars

Breakfast Bars

NEW Nestlé Breakfast Cereal Bars

The changing needs of our consumers indicate that there is a rising need for “on-the-go” breakfast options. Nestlé Breakfast Cereals is proud to introduce NEW breakfast cereal bars to meet these ever changing consumer needs. MILO Breakfast Cereal Bar and FITNESS Breakfast Cereal Bars, available in Strawberry and Chocolate variants.

The new MILO breakfast cereal bar has a crunchy texture plus a melting milk foot, delivers on the unique and great taste of MILO. It is made from wholegrains, fortified with vitamins and minerals, and Active-Go for a slow release of energy, true to MILO’s long standing positioning of providing healthy energy that lasts. The new range of FITNESS breakfast cereal bars are made from wholegrains, are a source of fibre and iron and contain vitamins and minerals. The FITNESS chocolate bar is made with real chocolate, which are drizzled over the bar, while the Fitness Strawberry contains real pieces of strawberries and has a crunchy delicious texture.

Grab your favourite Nestle breakfast Cereal bar from our retail partners. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook @NestleBreakfastCerealsSouthAfrica for more information on our Breakfast Cereal bars.