Nan Kid Optipro 4 Pack Shot



They may be growing up really fast, but that doesn’t mean they’re quite ready to share the same food as adults do. Children require specific nutrition at different stages of their lives. If this is neglected there is an increased risk of deficiencies and long-term health consequences.

Getting the right nutrition in the right amounts will support your child’s growth and provide them with the foundation for healthy growth and development.

This foundation is created by proteins, which are often referred to as the building blocks of life. Proteins are an essential part of a growing child’s diet and provide the nutrients needed for growth and development. The right quality and quantity of protein are vital during these developmental stages.

NESTLE® NANKID®4 is a premium drink for growing children from 3-5 years and its unique combination of high-quality ingredients provides the important building blocks required in your growing child's diet.


•    OPTIPRO• : the right quantity and quality of protein provide the building blocks for growth.
•    Omega3- & 6- fatty acids and DHA: important for supporting brain development, immunity and vision.
•    Lactic acid producing bacteria:such as Bifidobacterium lactis, play a crucial role in healthy gut bacteria for balanced immune anddigestive systems.
•    HMO:support a healthy gut. This has beens hown to increase a child's natural resistance to infections and improve digestion.


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