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Hatcher Frequently asked questions

Nestlé Hatcher is a hub aimed at connecting the Nestlé business with external innovators and start-ups across Southern and East Africa. Through Nestlé Hatcher, we aim to leverage innovative ideas to solving business problems, which in this context are called Challenges.

Regularly, we will publish business challenges (we call Hatchers) on the Nestlé Hatcher website where we open calls for ideas to solve identified problems. These Challenges will include detailed briefs on what type of solution we’re looking for, as well as any pertinent application criteria.

If you identify a Challenge you would like to apply for, simply click the Apply Now button and fill out the required details through our partner website, YouNoodle, to enter the challenge.

For the time being, we are only calling for applications of identified business problems. If your idea is in line with a Challenge on the Nestlé Hatcher platform, please ensure that you fill out an application.

The Nestlé Hatcher process works across these 4 steps:

  1. Search

    A Challenge will be posted on the Nestlé Hatcher platform with a detailed brief of the ask, and applications for proposals will be opened.
  2. Select

    After applications close, all applications will be reviewed and rounds of interviews will be conducted to identify and select the best-fit proposal based on the Challenge’s criteria. The selected start-up will formalise a partnership.
  3. Incubate

    The finalist will proceed to pilot their proposed solution, with assistance from Nestlé along the way, which includes mentorship, business and technology support and industry expertise.
  4. Scale

    Once the project has successfully passed pilot, the solution with be scaled for Nestlé and the start-up/finalist will be onboarded as a Nestlé vendor.
  5. What happens with my Intellectual Property Rights?

    Start-ups may share their ideas or solutions upon Challenge application but are not forced to share their intellectual property as they own it. Start-ups selected to pilot their solution will jointly sign a collaboration agreement with Nestlé prior to commencement of the Pilot. The intention of the collaboration agreement is to protect both parties.

All shortlisted start-ups will be expected to present a budget along with their detailed proposed solution as part of the pitch. The selected start-up will discuss payment terms with Nestlé.