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Nestlé South Africa employees tackle plastic waste in Kya Sands

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Johannesburg, South Africa

JOHANNESBURG – 23 May 2019. Over 60 Nestlé South Africa employees, joined by the local community, embarked on a cleaning and plastic-recycling initiative at Kya Sands today. The clean-up campaign is aimed at demonstrating the company’s commitment to a waste-free environment.

“We are committed to making a significant difference everywhere we operate. That is why we have been working with governments, NGOs, suppliers, waste managers, retailers as well as other companies to take meaningful actions. We are also determined to reduce single-use plastics,” stated Bruno Olierhoek, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestlé: East and Southern African Region (ESAR).

“To demonstrate our seriousness about this issue, we are introducing reusable packaging, new delivery systems and innovative business models. As we deploy new solutions, we will never compromise on the health of our consumers. The safety and quality of our foods and beverages are non-negotiable. They are part of a broader set of actions, which include promoting recycling and developing novel biodegradable and compostable packaging,” added Olierhoek.

The clean-up campaign focused on removing tons of plastic debris that overflow from the adjacent Jukskei River, which is one of the largest rivers in Johannesburg. Due to the lack of infrastructure maintenance, the area experiences heavy pollution on a daily basis resulting in health hazards for the local community.

The local Community Policing Forum Chairperson, Lizzy Mabena commended Nestlé for taking the lead in this initiative. “We are very excited to know that Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage company, is taking responsibility to collaborate with local communities in cleaning up our river. Such initiatives encourage us as the community members to know that corporates take environmental impact issues seriously and Nestlé is setting a good example for all.”

Nestlé wants to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, with a particular focus on avoiding plastic-waste. Addressing the plastic waste challenge requires behavior change from all of us and that is why we recognize there is no better place to start than from within our own company.


For more info, please contact:

Ravi Pillay Nestlé South Africa Corporate Spokesperson
082 908 2580