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Nestlé Angola kicks off the Healthy Kids Program in Luanda

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The Nestlé Healthy Kids Program (Crianças Saudáveis) kicked off in Luanda, Angola with trainer training sessions on the 2nd March 2016 at the Amphitheater of the Provincial Education Office. The programme - Crianças Saudáveis – is supported by Nestle Angola in partnership with the Angolan Ministry of Education.

Crianças Saudáveis is part of Nestlé’s global initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of education that aims to provide children with knowledge on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, encouraging physical activitiyand other measures relating to public health, including s basic hygiene habits.

The course materials that are part of this program include a teachers manual and activity books for classes 1 to 6. All contents are aligned with the school curriculum and were developed by a nutritionist and professionals from the ministries of education, agriculture and health.

"We recognize the diverse needs that the school children face in different countries, and we believe that this global program will help meet the needs of school-age children in Angola. We believe that this partnership between the Education Ministry and Nestle will bring an added value in the sense that its implementation will allow success of this program, "said Wilbart de Wit, Managing Director of Nestlé Angola.