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International Chefs Day 2017

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International Chefs Day

Nestlé serves up “Foods for Healthy Heroes” to celebrate International Chefs Day

Nestlé is once again joining forces with the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (Worldchefs) to celebrate International Chefs Day and to promote healthy eating to children.

As part of the Nestlé for Healthier Kids Global School Programme, children from 84 countries around the world will take part in cookery workshops led by chefs from Nestlé Professional.

The theme for this year’s International Chefs Day is Foods for Healthy Heroes, which will be used to raise awareness in children about healthy eating by letting them be creative with food. We also aim to inspire chefs and to provide nutritious and fun recipe ideas for their kids' menus.

With the help of chefs from Nestlé Professional, children will turn healthy recipes into edible ‘Healthy Heroes’ that will be fun to make and healthy to eat.

A study produced by Nestlé Research Centre found that involving children in preparing and cooking meals helps to encourage good eating habits early on.

Encouraging children to be creative with vegetables and fruits is a great way for them to discover new foods.

Nestlé for Healthier Kids forms part of our commitment to promote children’s nutrition, health and wellbeing. It is an initiative that federates all of our efforts to support parents and caregivers on their journey to raise healthier kids. From leading research to product formulation, from education to innovative nutrition and lifestyle services, from individual actions to engaging partnerships, our commitment is to help 50 million children lead healthier lives by 2030.

Nestlé Professional and Worldchefs have been partners since 2014, making more possible in the foodservice industry, and helping to bring nutrition, health and wellness to chefs and the people they serve.

Activities such as the cookery workshops aim to raise children’s awareness and understanding of the importance of healthy eating and taking part in physical activity.

To promote healthy eating and a balanced diet beyond the workshops, children taking part will receive recipe cards to take home and keep so that they can prepare meals with their families.