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Joint position statement by Nestle South Africa and Eastern Cape Department of Health

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Eastern Cape,
Nestle is also aware of the confusion that was created by the “NOT FOR RESALE “packs that were sold to missions. The Department of Health has an existing contract with Nestle to supply it with baby formula that is also branded ‘NOT FOR RESALE’.

NOVCAP was launched in 2008 in partnership with Provincial Departments of Social Development. The programme is a well-intentioned social responsibility initiative aimed at assisting Non-Governmental Organisations to access infant formula at a reduced price for orphans and other vulnerable children.

Currently there are 70 beneficiaries of NOVCAP, 63 of which are orphanages or places of safety, and seven are churches. In light of the recent developments regarding the unintentional non – conformity of the conditions associated with the NOVCAP programme and subsequent arrests of the priests, Nestlé South Africa has reviewed the programme concerning the churches.

In agreement with the Eastern Cape Health Department, Nestlé South Africa will request for the uplift of remaining stock from all places concerned and will replace with the retail packs should the institutions involved continue with the NOVCAP programme.

In future only State approved institutions and NOVCAP orphanages will now receive the NOT FOR RESALE packs to assist the authorities with traceability.

‘Nestlé remains committed to assisting the authorities in improving the control of stock within State institutions and apologises for their part in this unfortunate set of circumstances that led to the arrests of the Roman Catholic priests’, said Sullivan O’ Carroll, Managing Director of Nestle South Africa.

The MEC of the Eastern Cape Department of Health, Mr. Sicelo Gqobana said ‘he was ecstatic that an amicable solution has been found which complies with all parties involved in the interest of all people of the Eastern Cape and regrets the inconvenience caused.’

For further enquiries please contact:
Ravi Pillay: Spokesperson – Nestle South Africa - 082 908 2580
Sizwe Kupelo: Spokesperson – Eastern Cape Department of Health - 083 378 0196