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Nestlé World Record attempt diary listing

Join Nestlé South Africa in attempting a World Record on 28 September

Nestlé Healthylicious World Record attempt to celebrate World Heart Day

Nestlé South Africa will be attempting a Guinness World Record for the longest human chain to pass through a hula hoop on Sunday, 28 September between 1 and 2pm at Zoo Lake as part of its Nestlé ‘Healthylicious’ Health and Wellness Day, which is open to the public.

This record-breaking attempt will highlight World Heart Day on the following day, Monday 29 September and encourage South Africans to stay fit and healthy through fun activities for the whole family like hula hooping.

“We’re inviting the public to come and be part of this record breaking attempt. Hula hooping as a sport is fun, affordable and the whole family can join in,” says Naazneen Khan, Nestlé South Africa Wellness Manager.

South Africa is one of the top three countries in the world in obesity rankings, after the United States of America and Great Britain. “We’re a nation that loves watching sport, but we should be playing more sport ourselves,” she says.

The Nestlé ‘Healthylicious’ Health and Wellness Day on Sunday, 28 September is taking place from 10am to 5pm. Activities such as free health consultations with independent nurses and dietitians and fun hula hooping classes for all will be offered on the day.

What you need to know if you’re participating in the Guinness World Record attempt:

  • All participants must be holding hands
  • The hula hoop will be a standard size hoop
  • You’ll be photographed and videographed
  • Each person that participates will be able to redeem a certificate of participation

Hula hooping is enjoying a resurgence of popularity, so it’s time to brush up on those hula hooping skills you acquired as a child and start moving your hips.

“Come join us for a day of active fun,” Naazneen says.

For more information contact Melissa on 011 514 0160 or follow Nestlé South Africa on Twitter @NestleSA.


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Notes to editors

*The hashtag for this awareness campaign is #Healthylicious and Nestlé South Africa’s Twitter handle is @NestleSA

*The Guinness World Record attempt will take place at Zoo Lake, next to Moyo restaurant

*The longest human chain to pass through a hula hoop currently consists of 502 participants and was achieved by Hillview College (Trinidad and Tobago) in Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago, on 31 October 2013. Source:

About Nestlé South Africa

Is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé Switzerland. The company was formally registered in South Africa about 98 years ago. The first Nestlé products arrived in South Africa during the 1870s, and the company’s presence in South Africa was formally entrenched on 7 July 1916 when it registered as a company. In order to meet the demands of a growing country, local production started in 1927 with the purchase of the South African Condensed Milk Company Ltd factory in Donnybrook, and the Estcourt and Franklin factories. Nestlé South Africa also services neighbouring countries – Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. Nestlé is committed to bringing consumers tastier, healthier choices in their product offering, and will continuously strive to become the leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company.