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World Move For Health Day

Top winter workout tips to celebrate ‘World Move For Health Day’

With winter settling in, it’s more important than ever to keep your fitness schedule steady. It’s easy to indulge a bit too much in the colder months, but the extra few kilos we acquire along the way are never welcome come spring.

It’s crucial not to break the good routine you had going in summer just because the air is crisper and the mornings darker. Luckily fitness is in the spotlight in the month of May with World Move For Health Day on Saturday 10 May and Nestlé South Africa has some great solutions to alter your workout sessions to suit the colder season and keep your motivation levels up.

“Exercise not only helps you burn off the kilojoules you’ve already ingested, it also makes you feel less hungry in the long term,” says Naazneen Khan, Wellness Manager at Nestlé South Africa.

“Research has also found that people who trained three times a week significantly increased their immune system’s ability to fight viral and bacterial infections, so winter is a great time to stay active and healthy.”

Here are some of Naazneen’s top tips to keep up with your workout throughout winter:

  • Indoor fun. There are many sports that can be played indoors such as football, handball, tennis, squash, swimming and badminton. The weather is not a good enough excuse to stop exercising.
  • Need motivation? Join a fitness class at the gym. The people around you will help motivate you to push yourself harder and finish the class.
  • Exercise at home. If you don’t like going to a gym, keep active in the warmth and comfort of your own home. A stepper machine, exercise bike, trampoline, skipping rope and even a hoola hoop all help to improve fitness and burn off a lot of calories. You can even listen to your favourite music, read or watch TV. They all help you to keep going. TV video games offering interactive workouts are also a great way for the whole family to exercise while having lots of fun.
  • Walk it off. Walking is one of the most natural exercises there is. South African winter days are generally quite mild, so soak up the rays and use the opportunity to walk as much as you can during the day while it’s still light – try deliberately choosing a parking spot that’s far away from the shopping mall entrance and taking the stairs whenever you need to attend a meeting or see a colleague in your office.
  • Be an early bird. It’s cold and dark when you’re waking up and when you’re coming home from work. The advantage of an early morning winter workout, however, is that you won’t be tired and demotivated after a long day at the office.

“Truly healthy living is not only about what we eat, but also about how often we exercise,” says Naazneen. “Exercise benefits every part of the body, including your mind.”

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