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United for Healthier Kids

At Nestlé we are all about enhancing the quality of life through good food and beverages. United For Healthier Kids is here to accelerate our company's contribution to improving the quality of life for our consumers, with a particular focus on children, and reflects the key commitment Nestlé is taking to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity and malnutrition. It reflects not only the key commitments that Nestlé is putting forward, but also our actions to bring people and organizations together to help parents raise healthier kids

Nestlé is all about enhancing the quality of consumers’ lives.

The ‘United for Healthier Kids’ plan drives our contribution to the health and wellness of children, including several components:

  1. We have to understand better how children eat in different parts of the world. That is why we are conducting pioneering, multi-market, scientifically endorsed studies of children’s diet and lifestyles. These studies will give us even more authority as a company; they will give us a wealth of knowledge which we will share with governments, consumers, NGOs and other organisations so that they can even better contribute together to children’s health and wellness.
  2. We have to work on our reality by nutritionally enhancing our products and services. And by strengthening our efforts to teach and inspire children on nutrition and physical activity. This is where initiatives such as our global Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme come in. And we know about the critical importance of the first 1,000 days in life, from minus 9 months to 2 years, as a cornerstone for good health. We have the unique opportunity to build on our leadership in infant nutrition, through our products, through our science, through our nutrition education programmes for parents. That is what we call Start Healthy, Stay Healthy.
  3. We will also share our ambition and planned journey broadly and collaborate openly with different stakeholders to provide tools that help parents and children adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.
  4. And finally we must walk the talk… we must do what we say we will do… we must meet our fourteen commitments.