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Nespray iPlug Yes’kolo - Acing Year end Exams, The Power of Effective Revision

Nespray Iplug ye Skolo - Acing Year end Exams

iPlug Yeskolo offers Maths revision to supercharge your Maths exam preparation.

Year-end exam time is when all the work done throughout the year comes to a close on any academic journey, and the key to acing tests lies in effective revision. NESTLÉ NESPRAY is back with iPlug Ye’Skolo, U Learn, I Learn ‘Revision,’ with Sandile Mathebula, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Maths teacher from KwaZulu Natal. The programme explores approaching Maths differently with easy-to-understand techniques to help learners between grades 4 – 7 prepare for that final year-end exam. It is a valuable resource for parents, caregivers, and learners with easy to access video content that allows for easy playback to better understand concepts, methods, and examples.

“I have focused on the areas that learners need the most support in when it comes to their final exams. I have also included concepts that learners have been taught in Term 4. I encourage caregivers to use the platform to help their children prepare in advance,” says Sandile.

Studying ahead of the class allows learners to familiarise themselves with the sums, gain more understanding and ask questions to solidify their understanding. This is like having a sneak peek at the script before the performance. This proactive approach helps retain information more effectively.

The revision exercises are step-by-step solutions focused on Maths concepts that include Time and Place values for Grade 4, Division of Fractions and Numeric Patterns for Grade 5, Time and Transformation for Grade 6 and Data Handling and Exponents for Grade 7.

As we get into this critical period of the academic year, Mathebula shares three tips to supercharge Math exam preparation and empower learners to excel in their year-end exams.

Explore different textbooks

Caregivers should encourage children to share or exchange textbooks with other children from different schools as they can gain invaluable insights. Each text may emphasise distinct aspects of a topic, offering a more well-rounded understanding. Going beyond the prescribed booklist can help broaden their knowledge.

Encourage research but beware of information overload

While helping your child explore the internet, remember that although it is a hub with vast knowledge, it can be easy to get lost in it. Be selective with online research. Stick to trusted educational websites, textbooks, and reliable sources. Set specific goals and manage time efficiently. The goal is not to accumulate information but to find insights into topics or concepts and use them strategically.

Tap into extra resources.

Sometimes, a little extra help goes a long way. Consider enrolling learners for extra classes, and workshops, or find them a tutor or encourage them to access platforms like iPlug Ye’Skolo to further expand their understanding and acquire different approaches to solutions. Subjects like Maths, often have varying methods and tapping into extra resources can expand your child’s perspective.

“Year-end exams can be daunting, but with the right revision strategies, you can help your child conquer and succeed. By diversifying their resources, tapping into extra help such as iPlug Ye’Skolo, U Learn, I Learn ‘Revision,’ and studying ahead of the class, they will be better prepared for success. With determination and a well-rounded approach to revision, they will be well on their way to acing those year-end exams. Good luck!” concludes Takudzwa Mupfurutsa, Business Executive Officer, Dairy Nestlé East and Southern African Region (ESAR)

iPlug Ye’Skolo, U Learn, I Learn ‘Revision’ will be accessible on the NESTLÉ NESPRAY website at and shareable on platforms like WhatsApp.

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