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Nestlé Good Life Show Empowers Women Through Nutritional education in Mauritius

Bringing the conversation about women's nutrition to the forefront, through the launch of the third episode of the Good Life Show.

Nestlé is taking a proactive approach to women's nutrition with the release of the third episode of the Good Life Show, an engaging online series. Committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, the company is leading conversations about women's nutrition, focusing on the importance of balanced diets and the alarming prevalence of iron deficiency among Mauritian women of all ages. 

In the latest episode of the Nestlé Good Life Show, three remarkable women, Laura Beg (Mauritian Singer and Ex Mrs Mauritius), Katia Moochooram (Entrepreneur and Ex Miss Earth Mauritius), and Bessika Bucktawor (Yoga Coach and Ex Miss Mauritius), highlight the importance of healthy diet and proudly endorse the newly launched Nestum Super cereals in Mauritius. They join forces with Vandana Gujadhur, a professional dietitian, to shed light on the critical issue of iron deficiency in Mauritian women.

"As the world's leading food and beverage company, we are dedicated to nourishing those who need extra care, filling nutrition gaps, and providing innovative products for a healthier future. Our mission is to empower consumers with essential nutrition knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices and lead healthier lives for themselves and future generations.", says Gordon Perrins, Nestlé's Business Development Manager for Mauritius and Seychelles. 

Professional dietitian Vandana Gujadhur delves deeper into the imperative to combat the consumption of imbalanced, poor-quality diet consisting of energy-dense and nutrient-poor foods. According to the 2022 Mauritius Nutrition Survey report, a significant percentage of the population, especially women aged 20 to 49 and girls aged 12 to 19, suffers from anemia. The report also highlights a widespread prevalence of iron deficiency across all age groups in Mauritius, particularly among women. Shocking, 93.1% of participants were found to be consuming white bread, a product low in both nutrients and fiber.

Consumers, and especially women should opt for products with whole grain oat flakes, as found in the Nestum Super range. The whole grain oat flakes make them a great source of fiber providing at least 3 grams of fiber per 100 grams based on European Regulations and as such as a start, are a great replacement for the white breads that most Mauritians are consuming for breakfast.”, added the Dietitian.

The company is committed to promoting whole grains as the primary ingredient in their cereals and advocates for policies that increase whole grain consumption. They have introduced the GRAINSMART™ Balance logo to help consumers identify high-quality cereal products that provide a minimum of 8g of whole grains per 30g serving, while also reducing added sugar in their products.

Through initiatives like the Good Life Show and product innovations like Nestum Super cereals, the aim is to play a pivotal role in empowering women to make healthier nutrition choices and combat the prevailing issue of iron deficiency in Mauritius.

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