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Naturnes pack

Pure Life.

In South Africa, all along its journey, natural mineral water is enriched by minerals from the rocks through which it flows. NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is a mineral water which is filtered through the earth and stored in deep Dolomite lakes. NESTLÉ PURE LIFE ensures the highest standards of safety and quality, including UV treatment.

Did you know?

At a time when obesity has been recognized as a serious public health problem, water – devoid of calories – is recommended by nutritionists to hydrate oneself regularly throughout the day.

This recommendation applies particularly to children who are without a doubt the population the most at risk of obesity. When a child is used to satisfying thirst with beverages other than water, it is possible that the child may start to confuse thirst and sugar cravings. The risk of excessive sugar intake, a factor in obesity, then becomes major.

Dieting results in increased production of body wastes. To facilitate elimination, it is particularly important to drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. This quantity should be adapted depending upon physical activity and climate. Furthermore, restricting food intake risks creating mineral deficiencies. Some natural mineral waters can help compensate for this deficit while promoting waste elimination.

Nestlé Waters develop products that offer new benefits. Based on the natural origins of the products, complemented by technical formulas developed at the Nestlé Group’s research centres, these water-based beverages contribute to daily consumer needs in terms of wellness and health. Water plays the role of a solvent, transporting for example minerals, trace elements and other molecules through the body.

The Nestlé Water Institute has carried out several studies, which prove that the body perfectly assimilates the minerals contained in water (calcium and magnesium in particular).