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Culinary Milks

Nestlé Culinary Milks provides you with an array of cooking and baking aids that are essential for delighting your loved ones with delicious goodies...

Create the IDEAL menu for your loved ones...

Versatile & convenient, IDEAL is perfect to use to add creaminess to soups, pasta dishes as well as stews.

Also, with IDEAL Medium Fat, you can enjoy the rich, creamy taste with less guilt as it contains 53% less fat than regular milk...

Ideal Evaporated

380g tin
ideal milk
Ideal Evaporated
Milk MF

380g tin

Ideal Evaporated Milk MF

Though tantalizing TREATS that excite...

Includes delicious flavour variations which make it perfect to use as a filling or dessert topping on cakes instead of boring icing sugar...

Nestlé Caramel Treat
360g tin

Nestlé Mint Flavoured Caramel Treat
360g tin

Banoffee Treat

...and are sure to be SWEET, and create GOLDEN memories...

Serves as an essential ingredient for adding that creamy, rich texture & unique taste to your tea, and is also versatile for baking delicious goodies such as cheesecake and tarts...

Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk
385g tin

Sweetened Conndensed Milk
Gold Cross Sweetened Condensed Milk
385g tin

gold cross Sweetened Conndensed Milk

...and for the cherry on top, add a dash of CREAM...

With the added benefit of having a longer shelf life, our dessert cream can also be used in savoury dishes such as cream spinach or to thick, creamy pasta sauces... so go on & enjoy!

Dessert Cream
290g tin

dessert cream

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