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STIMULEARN Island is an interactive learning platform designed and brought to you by Nestlé Nido3+. Through fun and educational games, your child is stimulated in 5 areas of child development: language, problem solving, memory, attention and psychomotor skills.

As you play the 5 games together, you can monitor the progress and development of your child through The STIMULEARN Mother App. (which is the 6th App) All the data from the games are captured and translated into an easy and useful knowledge base about your child’s progress and experience.

How to download the games

  1. Click on one of the links below if you are using an Apple or Android device.
  2. Download the Stimulearn app to your device from the relative store. (Please note that there are 6 apps in total. These consist of 5 free games and the Mother App that helps you follow the progress of your child.)
  3. Discover the amazing apps features and discover learning and growth with your child in a new, fun and innovative way.


Download for Apple devices
Nido Stimulearn Android



For the growing advantage.

We understand that every stage of your child's growth is important, which is why our range of growing up milks is designed to provide tailored nutrition for each stage. From NIDO 1+ for toddlers to NIDO 3+ for preschoolers, our milks are formulated to support the physical and cognitive development of your child. Our commitment to quality means that our milks are made with carefully selected ingredients and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards. With NIDO, you can have confidence that your child is getting the nutrition they need for a strong and healthy start in life. For the growing advantage, choose NIDO.

Nestlé NIDO Nutrition System is a range of growing up milks, formulated to meet specific nutritional needs of your growing child.

The entire range is enhanced with branded active ingredients and enriched with vitamins and minerals. When your child grows, so does our milk.

NIDO 3+ Pre-school milk from 3 years onwards

Contains Prebio³, a unique blend of fibre that helps maintain a regular digestive system. Also contains essential fatty acid, which assists in brain development. It also contains iodine and calcium for good bone development.

Two glasses of NIDO 3+ during the day are ideal for your growing preschooler. When your child reached three she begins to learn and interact at preschool. NIDO 3+ with Prebio³ contains calcium and iodine for growth and development, to help young minds perform at their peak.

How to prepare 3+

Just add 3 tablespoons (45ml/ 36g) of NIDO 3+ to 1 glass (225 ml) of warm or cold previously boiled water.