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Nestlé celebrates 74 years of sponsorship to golf tourney

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Nestlé celebrates 74 years of sponsorship to golf tourney

On 08 October 2011, Nestlé South Africa will celebrate the 74th anniversary of sponsoring the Nestlé Golf Trophy Competition at the East London Golf Club.

Traditionally, the Nestlé Golf Trophy Competition is hosted during the first weekend of October each year. This year, however, the trophy will be contested over the second weekend of October in order to celebrate the 23 years since Nestlé South Africa officially took over the sponsorship of the competition.

“This 74th anniversary shows Nestle’s commitment to building long term relationships and partnerships in the communities we operate in. At Nestlé we would like to thank our consumers who have supported our Nestlé brands over many years and we hope they will continue to do so in the years to come. Nestlé South Africa wishes to continue sponsoring this event for another 74 years,” said Nestlé South Africa’s Confectionery Business Executive Manager, Kevin Corlett.

In 1988, Nestlé South Africa acquired the Wilson Rowntree business and has continued to sponsor the competition ever since. This competition came to being in 1937 when the Wilson family, who owned an East London based sweet manufacturing company, started sponsoring a golf competition at the East London Golf Club. For many years the event was known as the Wilson Trophy Golf Competition and the ultimate prize was the Wilson Trophy.

The Wilson Trophy changed names to Nestlé Trophy in the mid-1990s but the actual prize trophy has remained the same. Over the years, several changes have also been introduced to the format of the competition. However, that has not deterred participants from still vying for the honour of being crowned Nestlé Trophy champions.

For more information, please contact:
Ravi Pillay
Spokesperson: Nestlé South Africa
011 514 6799 or 082 908 2580 or email: [email protected]