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3 November 2017 – Nestlé South Africa officially launched its schools’ water leaks project in partnership with the school governing body of Dan Tloome Primary School in Ikageng, outside Potchefstroom.

Early this year, Nestlé conceptualised the schools’ water leaks programme after it emerged that a majority of schools in the Potchefstroom area were losing large volumes of potable water annually due to leaking taps and faulty pipes. In some schools, such as Dan Tloome Primary School, both the ablution facilities and the water reticulation system were broken.

To date, Nestlé has installed new ablution facilities and fixed the water reticulation system at the school to the value of R140 000. Some of the work that took place at the school include the installation of new taps, geyser, water-drinking stations and the fixing of blocked drains.

Nestlé launches water saving project at Dan Tloome Primary School

This project will also be incorporated into in-class lessons for learners to further understand the importance of water conservation and taking care of the facilities to avoid further leaks and wastage.

“In the next 12 months, we will monitor water usage at Dan Tloome Primary School and quantify the savings wrought by this water saving project. We further hope that this project will reduce the school’s municipal water bill by at least half. ” said Nestlé South Africa Public Affairs Manager, Monako Dibetle.

Nestlé launched the schools’ water leaks project earlier this year under the auspices of the Nestlé Water Fund, which aims to promote water conservation and responsible usage at all Nestle facilities and create shared value for the surrounding communities. For every cubic metre of water used in its facilities, Nestlé contributes 0.75 cents into the fund to further expand this project beyond the company’s premises.

Dibetle added: “The long term success of our company is built upon sustainable access to water in the regions where our raw materials are sourced, where our factories are located and where our suppliers and consumers live. Through this project, we intend to address the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water and sanitation, and enhance the quality of lives and contribute to the healthier future of the learners, educators and the broader Dan Tloome Primary School community.”