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hot chocolate

Looking for more calcium?

NESQUIK is an easy and delicious way to ensure that children drink milk.

Fortified with Calci-N, a mineral concentrate from milk, that promotes calcium absorption. NESQUIK puts the fun back into drinking milk.

With No artificial colourants, NESQUIK Chocolate and Strawberry ensure that kids get a nutritious beverage that is pure FUN to drink!

*Nutrient Reference Value for Individuals 4 years and older .
One glass of NESQUIK Chocolate prepared with 200ml low fat milk provides 25% NRV for calcium.

One glass of NESQUIK Strawberry prepared with 200ml low fat milk provides 22% NRV for calcium.

nesquik kid

Did you know?
In pursuit of providing a healthier offering to children, the old NESQUIK Strawberry artificial colourant has now been replaced with a non-artificial colourant, which has resulted in a lighter shade of pink.