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MAGGI Noodles



Mzansi’s Tastiest Noodles

MAGGI 2-Minute noodles are not only delicious, they are also a source of fibre, which promotes easy digestion and they contain no artificial colourants and no added preservatives.
Whether your family enjoys them after school, at work or at home, MAGGI 2- Minute noodles are delicious and easy to make.
MAGGI 2-Minute noodles have several benefits; they are fortified with Iron which helps to promote good brain development, and oat fibre which promoted digestive health. MAGGI 2-Minute noodles are also made with high quality ingredients like Sunflower Seed oil, which is low in saturated fats, as well as premium wheat flour to ensure a tasty and healthy meal, you and your family will enjoy.
MAGGI’s delicious taste lies in the fine blend of spices and herbs found inside the tastemaker sachet. They are an excellent meal by themselves, and can also be enjoyed with a stir fry, eggs and any other topping of choice.


Available in six great flavours, chicken, beef, cheese, Durban curry, crispy chicken and boerewors !




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