ESAR - World Day for Cultural Diversity

for dialogue and development


ESAR - World Day for Cultural Diversity
Cultural Diversity makes us stronger 

To celebrate our diversity and inclusion around the world in the context of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
As a global and multicultural company, we value and leverage our strengths of being diverse, which enables us to better understanding our customers, entering new markets and attracting and retaining talent for competitive advantage.

As a newly formed region, Nestlé ESAR we are rich in diversity as our Region is made up of 23 Countries with different ethnicities, cultures and languages. This approach is driven by our values, which is rooted in Respect which focuses our energies on harnessing a culture of inclusion.

Nestlé ESAR understands the value of leveraging our individual differences by involving everyone to work towards a common goal of building our “Dream Team”. Respect for diversity further enables us to harness the value within the communities we operate. We are very proud of the strides Nestlé ESAR has made so far in our journey of creating a workplace with equal opportunities for everyone where we treat our people with dignity and respect.