MILO Championships Cup 2019

Two young Mauritians will fly to Barcelona for a global football tournament
MILO Championships Cup 2019
To be part of a planet-wide football meeting coached by professionals of the Barca Academy at Camp Nou.  That is the incredible opportunity awaiting two grade 5 school children, a boy and a girl, as part of the very first MILO World Champions 2019.
A local tournament will be kicked off this Saturday, 4th May, in Mauritius and Rodrigues, to select victorious teams of which the two winners will be drawn at random. This announcement was made by Nestle on Thursday, May 2nd, during a press briefing in Ebène.  The tournament benefits from the collaboration of the Mauritius Sports Council and the support of the ministries of Education and of Sports.

Foot, friendship and values; This is how one can summarize the MILO World Champions Cup 2019, a partnership between Nestlé and the mythical Spanish football club, FC Barcelona.  Due to be held next August, this event concerns many countries around the world.  Locally, the tournament which will allow two winners to fly to South Africa and Barcelona will be kicked off this Saturday, May 4th, on Northfields football ground.  In Rodrigues, the tournament will be held on Sunday June 9th at the Baie Lascars complex. In all, more than 5,500 school children in Mauritius and Rodrigues will take part in this tournament, following which two of them, a girl and a boy, will be drawn at random, to fly to South Africa. There they will enjoy training sessions by professional coaches, before heading to Barcelona, where they will undergo training at the legendary Camp Nou stadium and at the Barca Academy. The youth, representative of various « markets », will play each other, then for the last round, will play in Spain.  There, they will have the opportunity to participate in a FC Barcelona Museum Tour, then meet with the stars of FC Barcelona, and finally be able to watch a match between the All-Stars and the first team of FC Barcelona.

  Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5
Number of Kids 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Date Sat 04 May Sat 11 May Sat 25 May Sat 18 May Sunday 09 June
Venues Northfield FG MGI FG - Moka Rose Belle Stadium Sparc Cascavelle Baie Lascars Complex

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